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Make the choices that reduce your IT risks to a known and accepted level. We develop technology and advisory services for IT risk management.


Today, IT is crucial for companies and society. It deserves the best risk management available. A management that conveys risk in a language that is understood on all levels. Management that leads to decisions and initiatives that reduce IT risks. IT risk management based on quantitative methods has proven effective since the 1950s and can significantly reduce uncertainty in the decision-making process. At ACI, we develop technology and advisory services for Danish and international companies that want the best IT risk management available.

Learn about decomposition and calibration for risk management

When speaking of future events, it is inherently subject to uncertainty. A risk assessment attempts to understand future loss events and is therefore also subject to uncertainty. The less historical data or measurements, the greater the uncertainty.

How can one predict the consequences of future events when they are uncertain? In this article, we will look at giving intervals using decomposition and calibration.

Specialized in IT risk management since 2009

ACI is an interdisciplinary team with specialists from both IT and risk management. We develop technology and deliver consulting services within IT risk management. We collaborate with our customers on quantitative IT risk management, which contributes to decisions on the most informed basis.

Specialiseret i kvantitativ IT-risikostyring

ACI består af et tværfagligt team med specialister fra både IT og risikostyring, som udvikler og leverer digitale værktøjer, undervisningsmateriale og rådgivning.

Vi samarbejder med vores kunder om kvantitativ IT-risikostyring, der bidrager til kvalificerede beslutninger på det mest oplyste grundlag.

“Information security in the organization must be governed by risk appetite and frequent fact-based risk assessments, not by fear and campaigns of intimidation.”

ACI dogme nr. 8

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